How can a small collection of the finest bike and camping components know to humanity weigh so much? Everything we have ready to go in our panniers and hung from the racks of our hand-built Dave Yates touring bikes has the prefix ultralight, extralight, the nano or the gossamer.

Never lift a touring bike by its saddle. In fact, never lift a touring bike at all, if you can help it because if you are used to bikes with the words Ti or Carbon Monocoque then your world view of what constitutes light is going to have to change.

If all goes well we will be setting off for our world trip at the start of December ( thanks to the rugby World Cup it has now gone back to Jan 24th 2011 ). Our first project is a four month tour ( now 3 month ) of New Zealand. Visit us here to see how we get on.

Warren and Esther, Musselburgh, September 2010