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Cup and Ring marks at Roughting Linn

There is that warning on the wing mirrors of cars in the States about things in the mirror being closer than they appear. We don’t need that in Europe as we know the difference between reality and a mirror. But there is one faculty if that is what it is, that we can all get fooled by and that is the weight of an object. More specifically, here I am  talking about ” how much you think something is going to weigh before you pick it up compared to how much it actually weighs”. I am sure there is a word for this and it will be a long one at that even in English and a paragraph in German. Moe in the Simpsons has to quickly get rid of a whale he has stored in the taverns cellar “Jeez, who’d have thought a whale could be so heavy” is one of my favorite lines of all time, as he trys to pull the whale to a place where he wants to dump it . That discrepancy in expectation over reality is what I am on about.

I have been caught out in Ikea by this effect when I lifted what I thought was one flat pack when in fact I had hold of two. My back was in agony for over a month as my body had in a split second prepared itself for a load of x instead of 2x that I had in my hands. We went straight home without a meat ball treat.

My pots and pans for the journey are Titanium. The pots are by MSR and are a real joy, with a handle that clicks into place with reasurance that I still thrill to.  We had trialed the Exo 2 2.4 litre pan and loved it but wanted a second pan to nestle inside. I mailed Paul Holtom at theoutdoorshop.com. By the fifth email I was confused ” Paul are you sure that the MSR Titanium Quick 1 pot will fit inside?”. “You will see from my first mail that it does” and sure enough when it arrived it did. Top marks Paul at the outdoorshop.


Evernew frying pan and MSR pans


A frying pan in Titanium was not going to be so easy. I am not good with those grab handle things that most pans come with and nor am I with those thong sandles that you keep in place with dextrous movements of the toes. That for the time being was less of a problem. Time spent on the web turned up Evernew and my number one shop of all time backpackinglight. I feel terrible any time I buy anything elsewhere. I know Bob and Rose will take my disloyalty personaly and when I ordered the pan and got a dispatch confirmation mail pinging into my inbox at 9.45 on a Friday evening the knowledge that Rose had pressed send just seconds before was humbling. It sat on a table in the kitchen for a few days and I picked it up every time I went past just for the shock of its lightness. It fools those  senses I told you about and this time brings a joy that makes me forget if only for that brief moment what a stupid amount of money I have just spent on a  frying pan.



Evernew frying pan does Bannock

“Does it do Bannock? ” was a question that needed to be asked and yes, sterner test lie ahead but on Sunday we found out. Roughting Linn in Northumberland’s Cheviots is one of the most special places you can get to in just a short Bongo drive from Musselburgh. The waterfall though not big is one of the most beautiful you will ever visit and a photographers dream location. It was in the past almost a secret and is still unsigned. What is even more of an insiders secret is the example of Rock Art just a few hundred meters away. This is the best of it’s type in Northern England and in France would have a coach park a cafe and interpretation centre. Cup and Ring Marks are the main motif but there are more complicated paterns here than at most other sites. Again this is unsigned but here the site is of world importance and perhaps needs that anonimity. 3000 years ago or more this was a very special place and we honoured it in our own way by making Bannock in an space age Titanium Evernew frying pan. It worked a treat and has a none stick surface more slippy than a well buttered ice rink. Which is another of my favorite lines.

Roughting Linn falls