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Cup and Ring marks, Roughting Linn


A little more information about Roughting Linn and Bannock. Firstly be aware that the spelling of Roughting Linn varies. The os map in front of me calls it Routin Lynn. Some of the grid references quoted are not very good. I would call it 983 368 there are Garmin type co-ordinates to be found but if you have map 75 and go to these you will not be far out. It is on the North West side of the road in the woods. The waterfall is down the farm track and then in the woods to your left and you will hear it before you see it unless you go there during a drought. More info can be found at: Northumberland Rock Art website, the Beckensall Archive. From which you could plan a nice couple of day walks. Be prepared for a bit of hunting for the art which is part of the fun.

For the Bannock we use a site called maddy the goose which has good videos and recipies of camp foods.