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Tyninghame, John Muir Country Park

St Baldred’s Cradle, John Muir Country Park

I keep on returning to this post with more good news – I found very little when I was looking for help. It is now Sept 2012. That is almost 2 years after surgery for two Neuromas in my left foot. In Jan 2011( That is just 2 months after surgery ) we set off to bike around the world. Cycling on 3 continents so far, I have done 27,000km post surgery.

So, in conclusion, it is not the end, there is hope and there is a solution. Take a look a little through the blog and you will see what the foot has put up with over two years of almost daily riding of a heavy bike.


I can not feel part of my foot and never will, but I can do amazing things again without pain. So there you are some good new on the WWW. for a change. Now read on:-

You will remember how last weekend I was back “on the bike”. What a pure and simple joy it was too after a month of resting up. East Lothian was splendid indeed with a low sun and Autumnal dampness in the air picking out the parachuting spiders. Esther says, there is a German saying for this, “Altweibersommer”, which describes the fine grey hair of old women. I went out on Wednesday having given my foot a few days to calm down. I was expecting an easy ride with a good response. I had a nightmare from my foot even with the orthotic. Tingling, then burning followed by stabbing pains. I did just 30 miles. I guess most of those were just to see if it would go away. It just got worse. All that evening it was tingling and aching. Thursday morning I looked up “tingling foot after cycling” on the net. Informative, but perhaps a bad idea.

£130 worth of orthotic

Every single nuance of the symptom descriptions for a thing called Morton’s Neuroma I can tick the box for. You are beyond Google page 3 before you find any good news with this one which in effect is nerve damage. There is lots of talk of Cryo injections, alcohol injections, surgery, orthotics and pain. I phoned the foot guy in Glasgow and he calmed me down a bit. I read on about Morton’s Neuroma, got very unhappy and panicked and had to phone the guy again. “Do not go near your bike and come and see me in a week”.

St Baldred’s Cradle shadows

Ravensheugh Sands, shadows

Does anyone have any good news about Morton’s Neuroma? I need to know. This morning was a perfect Autumn day and no wind. Now in late afternoon the rain is lashing against the windows, as it has been for most of the week. We went to the Beach at Tyninghame which is just above Dunbar. As ever we took the Kelly Kettle which never fails to cheer me up. It was a favorite place of John Muir and you can see why. There were dogs  by the dozen, many deaf with the joy of running and stick envy. They can always make me smile. An instant, no fail treatment for Morton’s Neuroma or even good news would be even better.

If you skip along to my Blog “too much imagination” you can read the conclusion about Morton’s. It was good new in the end – so it is worth reading.

Dogs racing I

Dogs racing II