The best way to tell if you have nerve damage is to use ultra sound. “Have you ever had one of these done?”. Well, no, I have not and my last involvement with ultra sound was 800 pedigree sheep and a Aussie guy shouting out “single, single, twin, single”. It is the best way to know what level of over winter feeding to give to a flock of sheep. I was expecting a scan of my foot to be slow. “There it is, about 9mm and you have another very small one next to it”.

Morton’s neuroma is not fun. It is a world of pain, tingling and numbness, followed by a burning sensation. The tell tale sign for me is a feeling that your sock is going up between your toes. I would give it 9 on a 10 scale when it hurts and is not a good thing to share your sleeping bag with. I will be spending the morning of my 50th birthday in a hospital bed in Glasgow with BUPA picking up the bill. The guy at the end of the very sharp knife ( never call them Doctor as they are Mr to me and you, never Doctor) is the best in the business and has called in a big favour to get things done so fast. Once again this is not good preparation and I will be spending time in my loose fitting Crocs on the sofa until the foot’s swelling goes down. I will keep you informed.

If you skip along to my Blog about “too much imagination”, which is a few posts further on you will read about the happy conclusion and more information”