It’s past midnight. I have been labouring on Warren’s birthday cake. Since my first dramatic birthday cake failure – the cake was more a building material with a thick layer of icing sugar to hide the fact that the teeth-breaking slab was also burnt – I have successfully managed to avoid this type of stress by simply not baking at all. This is to Warren’s great dismay since he could live on cakes (and Christmas puds). He also argues that I, a German, should have already started the national art of making Apfelstrudel in infancy and progressed over the years to finer delights of Sachertorte and Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte. Well, I am obviously not a natural in this field .

However, tomorrow (today) is a such a big day that I gave it another try. I made an apple cake. It contains a horrific amount of double cream & sugar & custard. It looked good on the photo though.

The cake is not burnt, thank God, but I am rather worried the eating utensil set will require a straw and a spoon. So, I rely on the other kitchen’s wisdom to let it cool down and settle and if it needs some substance I bought some Squirty Cream just in case.

Obviously, the cake could not possibly be the only present for his big day, so I made him this print. I am hoping that it will fetch some astronomic sums in the future; you could see it as a long-term investment. You have to do this these days, you know.

Whilst I was carving the wood I was rather pleased with my idea and the results. However, the delightful interpretation of it took a rather drastic turn when Warren announced that he would have his operation on his foot a day before his birthday and would be spending the night before in hospital. Well, there you are. I leave this part of the interpretation to you. However, given that Warren should be in the most capable and experienced hands this country has, it could be (and I pray it will be) the best present the medical world could ever present to Warren: a sorted foot . You just do not want a foot problem when you want to cycle around the world and also pass through bear country.

With that in mind I could come back to my original ideas when I was making the print: rather than being depressed about the growing list of ailments, or falling into a midlife crisis where you think you loose it all, you should approach the day with a big announcement, have a good sniff  what it feels like to be celebrated and leave your mark for others to learn and to follow. Then, with the nose in the wind, you set off to your next destination and explore the things that will come.

Happy 50th Birthday, Warren! I am happy to be by your side & part of the journey.


Happy Birthday Warren