Freedom monument.

When it happened the first time, in the small town we had stopped in about 20K from Riga it may have been just an eccentricity. On day one here in Riga it happened a further two times, so that is how it is done here. You want some food and lets for example say that is meatballs, cabbage and potatoes you would normally expect a portion of each and a set price. So, when the plate is weighed and the scales zeroed before each of the three items is placed on the plate you have just come across this for the first time ever. Just like the death of Elvis or Marco Pantani, you will remember where you were.

Riga Trolly bus route.


Changing the guards at the freedom monument.

I guess if you are a pro rider or on a very strict diet you would do this every day. Sorry Latvia, it is unquestionably the most equitable system, but it does come across as a bit strange.

Old town Riga.

Church in the old town Riga.

We planned for just a day here but as we walked around yesterday realized that we could just not face the bikes yet. We booked a further day just to walk from one cafe to the next from some chill out, me time, R&R.

Satellite dishes.

Old woman feeding pigeons.

Not that some of the cafes are the haven of peace that they should be. At least 1 big tv is on and it is without variation VH1 music channel. That is fine, I like a bit of ‘ Dad Rock ‘, 80’s and 90’s nonsense every bit as much as the next man. But the music system is also on loud and playing something of a dance genre that you could join in, hitting a tea tray with a spoon to and possibly improve it.

Church and con trail.

This is the sort of stuff that is used to bring hostage situations to a peaceful conclusion when white noise has not done the trick. It is hard to ignore, and I can only imagine it is a way of keeping the seat rotation going and freeing up table space.


Advertising with evening light.

Vegetable stall in the market.

Fish stall.

When we have not been zoning out, we have been walking around what is unquestionably a beautiful city. It is, you have guessed already, but I will tell you – A UNESCO world heritage site. Point the camera just about most places you will stumble across something special. Which is just what I have done.

Old town.

Art nouveau.

Make sure that you go to the market if you are here. There is not a town or city anywhere that would not benefit from a good market and this is a prime specimen of one.

Modern offices.

Morning walk.