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Flower in Grandfather's garden.

Flower in Grandfather’s garden.

So, my foot needs more than a bit of rest. We were so close to Germany that we have left most of our equipment and gone in search of a good doctor. We have ended up on ‘ Granny Island ‘ in the Baltic Sea. The Island of Rugen is a bit of a cycling paradise, which is a bit of a shame as the guy who has just filled my foot with Cortisone has instructed REST!!!.

Central Station Prague.

Central Station Prague.

I would be telling a very big fib if I said the whole thing was pain free. We will be back. Meanwhile, you could take a look at ‘ The Potters Wheel ‘. This was a film that the BBC showed every time they had a technical problem or nothing to show. It filled the gap and became a bit of a cult classic. We were so much less demanding back in those black and white days.

All being well, we will be back soon.