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The Geese are back. Not many, but they are here bringing the cold air of the north with them. There is always a strange smell, a smell of warm dust as the heating goes back on for the first time in a few months. Already there have been mornings in single digit temperatures. Scotland has had a poor summer so far.

There was a weekend a couple of weeks ago. We had made plans for a bivvy, but then the forecast changed. It went from good to bad and then to worse and finally to ‘ some structural damage may occur ‘. We went for a walk rather than be blown off the road on our bikes.

We walked the fields that fringe the Keith Water. Again I am trying to trace the route of the old railway and find the bridge or what is left of it as it crosses the river. The Wheat has grown in the field where I climbed away from the river a few days ago. There has not been enough sun to bring on the golden colours of harvest, but it will come.

The crop is high now and catches the wind. It occurred to me to try this once to capture the wind. I held my finger down and shot off a dozen frames as the wind came in over the trees. With a bit of computer work we have animated the photos.

I have called it ‘ Wimpling Wheat ‘ – Wimpling, rippling motion induced in a bird’s wing feathers by the passage of wind ( Gerald Manley Hopkins ). We walked on, but still could not find the remains of the bridge. As we arced back to where the car was parked the route of the track bed was clearer. As a bonus for our diligence, we came across orchids growing on the track line. I am guessing they like the lime rich soil from the ballast.

Further north there have been ‘ grass frosts ‘ already. There is nothing like the feeling that summer is being chased away to make you stick with a plan to camp before it is too late. All it takes is a good forecast and a bit of packing. It has to come, it must. Tonight, the last day of July and the day ends with a ‘ Blue Moon ‘, the first since 2012.