At the start of the year we moved. Not too far, just up and over the watershed from one side of Scotland to the other and a little bit south. Home is now a 240 year old house in the wonderful village of Rhonehouse. We are on record as saying that we do not enjoy gardening or house renovation, or most other things that could get in the way of going out on our bikes.

Somehow, we have bought a place requiring a 1,000 hours of DIY and a full-time gardener. We will have to adapt. The positives are beautiful countryside, quiet and more than enough storage for as many bikes as we could ever want.

As a sort of hello from us, we are giving a talk on the 28th of April. Just a short distance from the table where I am writing is Rhonehouse village hall, which is where it is going to be. Friday is a good day for talks I hope and 7.00pm not too early or late.