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Sything shapes of Swallow and House Martin cut up and down the main street through our village and they sound permanently slightly angry. The curve of the season has reached its apogee and now just a few days after midsummer the sunset is a little earlier. Not a bad thing, the amount of light this far north can wear you out.

We are trying to speed-learn our new home area. Build a catalogue of routes that tick every box, cover every wish list. It has been great fun and the area is stunning. Every day we try to find a new gem or a way of linking things together in the most perfect way.

Scrolling through Facebook yesterday I came across an old interview with Steve Jobs, always worth a few seconds, so I let it run. ” Whenever you start a company you must never be scared of failure “. I played that bit again. It was back when Steve looked less groomed, less slick more geek.


I thought about what Steve said as we rode out this morning. We try to ride early every morning or at least take a long walk just to remind ourselves why we live here. Like every day the ride confirmed what we know, this area is just perfect. Rush hour and the first 40 minutes we had just 2 cars.

I don’t think Steve ever took on a bike holiday company. I think he knew he was destined to win even if his first logos were rubbish and the computers looked agricultural. On this mornings ride we just kept on shouting ” WOW! ” which is a good thing I think Steve would agree. We know we are in the perfect place.


We are putting together a wonderful new website for Galloway Cycling Holidays. Every ride I carry a camera and try to get the peach of an image for the company. But that is not enough. We have a Facebook company account and it is VERY PUSHY. The world wants a moving image, films and they had better be good. So now Zuckerberg is having a go at us.

I am not sure Steve had to put up with this sort of pressure, but we have done it anyway. Two films, both 1 min 20 in length that try to put across what we are about. Trying to condense all the joy we have ever got from pedalling a bike and all the sheer WOW of this area.

So, here they are. They may not quite be Citizen Kane, but we are more than happy. What do you think?

Then we went for the big production. Drone, stormy sky and a remote location.