Here we go 2018!

We packed so much into 2017 and yet we did not sleep in a tent or bivvy once. Not one night! Moving home down to Scotland’s south west in Galloway. A quiet, more remote area of outstanding beauty and peace and a lifestyle we love. Hundreds of miles of quiet roads, forest tracks and beautiful beaches.

We still try to bike at least 100 miles every week but I think we stop more than ever. People like to chat here, they tell you things if you stop, things you will never know if you race by.

We have a big list of things we want to do, but we ticked off one a couple of days ago. In Dumfries and Galloway there are two places to watch Starlings come together in their thousands to murmurate. A spectacular dance as the sun rises or sets. We caught this one at Mersehead Nature reserve, just along the coast from us. The 1 minute film shows how special being outside in nature is. Get on your bikes, sleep in tents, go for walks and get out and do stuff in 2018.


14 thoughts on “Here we go 2018!

      1. I can not remember a single one on our road bikes. We did an amazing gravel ride yesterday – 25 miles feels a long way. We plant a 60 mile off road – have a look at the Galloway Gallop event for a peek at what is here – we are rubbish at bike handling and need to improve.

  1. wow! so cool – almost looks like under water – very beautiful!!!
    A very happy (and wildly successful) new year to you 2 from Vero & Andi!

  2. I was wondering what the word for this amazing starling display was. We’ve seen it a couple of times down in Cornwall in November but its always been too dark and wet and to get decent images. A great video and an stunning thing to see 🙂

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