Merrick, our local Corbett.


I  made a bucket-list of goals in hospital, one of which I did not tick off. But it was my list and only Esther knew that I had a list that included ‘climb Merrick’ on it. It was rubbish weather the day when I should have climbed it, and for a good few days after. So I dropped it.

But Merrick is our mountain, the one we can see from our village and the one we have not got around to climbing because it’s a bit of a faff to get to. It should have snow on it now and be standing out on the horizon on crisp mornings. No snow yet, but we had a perfect forecast after a night of mind-spinning clarity and a sharp frost. So we made a flask, cut sandwiches and slabs of cut-price Christmas cake and set off. Everyone should own a flak, they are so liberating.

That is all of the list ticked off now. I can return to not being a list person. I drank a long cool drink from the first ice fringed burn I could find as we walked back from the summit to mark the event. Now get out and do stuff people, hello 2019!



7 thoughts on “Merrick, our local Corbett.

  1. Every lunchtime on a hillwalk a family friend would say, “Ah, God bless Mr Thermos”.

    You’ll know this trick? I used to I have a bicycle water bottle which came to taste increasingly of plastic, so I cut off its head, and shoulders, put it permanently into my down tube bottle carrier, and into the remains of the old bottle I put a skinny Thermos-type flask (which without the old plastic bottle would not stay in place). Alternatively the ex-bottle is somewhere to put a toolkit and spare tubes, if you’ve no saddlebag.

    It was good to see you both on solstice +1, and later on I did remember what it was I’d recently read in this blog.

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