The ‘ Kit Lists ‘.

The kit list for lightweight bike touring:-

I wear cycling kit when I ride and then change into something for camp duties. Some how I can not stop myself from ending a ride a horrid sweating mess, shortly followed by a very cold and damp one. If you walk into a camp you can tend to bivvy in what you are wearing, but with biking I must change or the permeable bag membrane will have just too much work to do.

On the bike – Shoes SIDI dominator 5 in mega wide ( lots of room ) mountain bike shoe that is the best money can buy.
Socks – Darn tough socks – anything in Merino, anything by this company lasts very well and I use a range of styles
Shorts – Rapha bibs – yes I know these are stupid money, but they are he best and last with me over 13,000 miles
Base Layer – a short sleeve Odlo or a long by Odlo
Jersey – Anything by Rapha
Waterproof – Rain coat by Showers Pass mens Elite 2.1 – the best cut of any jacket bottom half covered by Rainlegs ( a sort of chaps for cyclists )

Off the bike – camp shoes if it is wet / rough Inov8 Roclite 315 ( you can still find these ) or Crocs if it is dry
socks – the same Darn Tough make
trousers – if it is wet then a light pair of Fjall Raven or Montane Terra pant if dry or hot ( I can never get on with zip off legs )
Undies – Exofficio are the best, last the longest and smell fragrant for longest
Base Layer – Odlo if warm or the Merino HH warm freeze half zip
MicroFleece – North Face summit series
Smock – Rab Generator ( this is an amazing bit of equipment for cost and performance )
Down Gillet – by Phd
Hat – Rapha merino

Camping gear – Sleeping mat Exped Down Mat 7 if cold but Exped Synmat ul7 down to freezing ( both are wonderful )
Sleeping bag – custom made Phd Minim 400 made wider to order with full zip.
Liner – Sea to Summit a Cotton and silk mix ( prefer this to the silk )
Pillow – Exped

Bivvy System – Integral Designs Siltarp 1 laced out to custom guys and jams
Ultraligth groundsheet by Gram Counter Gear
Folding pole by Gram Counter Gear
Pegs – Big Agnes
Divvy Bag by Rab – Storm Divvy

Tent System – Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 or if it is colder Slater UL2

Cooking System – If it is a long trip then the Primus Omnifuel. Shorter trips with MSR pocket Rocket with 100 canister , Solo Stove wood burner, or White Box Stove
pots by MSR Quick range Ti 2 of these with self made pot cosy jackets
plates – folding plates by Fossils ( quite the best plates on the market and can be used to cut on )
Wooden spoon with handle chopped short for food prep and the usual sporks
Dry bags for food or warming bags for heating the freeze dried bags and then Ti long handle Sporks

Camp Comfort – Baby wipes ( these have saved us from the horrid sticking to the bag feeling on many nights )
Head Torch – by LED Lenser ( these are amazing – we use them for bike riding if needed )
Sit mat – an old style foam model

Recording your Adventure – Notebooks by Moleskine
Camera System by Panasonic GX1 if going light with Pancake 14mm micro 4/3 system or GX7 additional lenses 14-42mm and 20mm when possible
If weight is at a premium then the Panasonic LX3 will do a great job and fits in a pocket

Carrying the stuff – I use Ortlieb panniers always, 2 front and 2 back on long trips. For short trips I try to use just the 2 front bags on the rear and Tubus racks always

Bikes – if doing a proper long tour then it is the Dave Yates custom built touring bike with Shimano gears, Brooks seat and bar tape running on mountain bike gears
shifted using 9 speed Sti road levers on Rigida Sputnik wheels. For lightweight and fast then a Van Nicholas Ti with Mudguards and a Tubus Fly Rack on the back

3 thoughts on “The ‘ Kit Lists ‘.

  1. For the cycling jersey I would choose a short sleeve merino top for summer and a longer one for winter. These can be worn everyday for at least a week without washing so you can cut down on how many you take. I rode from Big Ben to Gibraltar in June. Temperatures into the high 30’s. Wore one Hoxton by Road Rags and rotated two pairs of shorts, one Assos and one Rapha. Two pairs of socks. Be careful of trying to get away with one pair of shorts as damp shorts after an overnight wash lead to nasty soreness as my pal found out!!

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